Algeria: Algerian-Russian military exercise

  • July 5, 2022
  • 1 Min Read

Next November, the People’s National Army (ANP) and a unit of the Russian army are to participate in a joint anti-terrorist exercise on Algerian territory. At least that’s what a statement issued by the press service of the command of the Southern Military District of the Russian army says.

This exercise should take place in the Hammaguir maneuvers polygon, dependent on the 3rd military region of the ANP, a few kilometers from the border with Morocco. According to the same press release, about 80 soldiers from the Russian special operations forces will take part in this exercise focused on the practice of the procedures, techniques and tactics of the fight against terrorism of the two armies in a desert environment.

The Hammaguir maneuvers range is located on a former site of the French army, which had been used for the development and testing of ballistic weapons and space launchers; this site had been returned to Algeria in 1967. As a reminder, in October 2021, the ANP had participated in a similar exercise in North Ossetia, in Tarskoye, during which 200 paratroopers from the two armies had maneuvered in rural and mountainous areas .