Belgium: “Nemesis” exercise

  • July 1, 2022
  • 2 Min Read

From April 19 to 22, around 250 Belgian soldiers from the 2nd commando battalion (2 Cdo) from Flawinne took part in the Némésis exercise. Objective: to train troops in special operations and assess the ongoing transformation of the battalion since the establishment of the Special Operations Regiment (SOR).

“The exercise focuses on preparing the battalion for crisis situations around the world, while providing an opportunity to promote interoperability between our components and friendly nations,” explained Lt. Col. Van der Vorst, commander of 2 Cdo, a unit that participated in Operation Red Kite in Afghanistan in August 2021. On the Nemesis menu: insertion and extraction by A109 and NH90 TTH helicopters, parachute jump from an A400M, water infiltration in Tournai via Scheldt using Zodiac, close quarter battle or CQB (close quarter battle) techniques, hostage release, etc.

During the last day, the Belgian commandos “delivered” the mayor of Nivelles who was held by enemy paramilitaries in the town hall, to take him to a safer place via exfiltration by helicopter. Conducting complex operations in an urban environment for the exfiltration of civilians is one of the tasks of 2 Cdo; the battalion also trains regularly for this type of scenario.

Exercise Nemesis also had a medical component, with the participation of the 14th medical battalion, which provides support for SOR missions. It should be noted that, during this exercise, the Belgian Green Berets also collaborated with a combat section of the 8th RPIMa, a regiment with which the 2 Cdo has had links for a long time.