Luxembourg: maintaining the presence in Mali

  • July 2, 2022
  • 2 Min Read

Since 2020, the Luxembourg army has been present in Mali with a detachment of around twenty soldiers and Raven drones attached to the EUTM-Mali protection force. This is their biggest mission abroad. Following the end or the temporary suspension of this mission, the Luxembourg Defense Minister, François Bausch, took stock with the members of the Joint Foreign Affairs and Defense Committee of the Chamber of Deputies on the participation of the Luxembourg army to EUMT-Mali, as the mandate ended at the end of May.

Three options were on the table: a withdrawal of Luxembourg soldiers at the end of the mandate, an extension of the current mandate or a redeployment of EUTM-Mali in other countries of the Sahel. And François Bausch has decided to extend the deployment of the Luxembourg army at least until the end of December 2022 with, in parallel, the strategic assessment of EUTM-Mali. “The results of this assessment will allow us to make an informed decision; a hasty departure from Mali could have catastrophic consequences for the region but also for the European Union”, explained the Minister.

The Luxembourg army also has two soldiers currently deployed within MINUSMA, to which it provides satellite capabilities. The mandate for this mission was due to end this year, but no communication had been made on this subject by mid-May.